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A message from Stacy Savic––President

The Story behind Savic Films

After more than 30 years in the Film/Arts industry, Mr. Savic took a few years to travel the country to explore other opportunities to express stories creatively. Upon meeting and listening to others, it was revealed that there was much opportunity in smaller markets, who traditionally are underserved when production and competition matter most.

Stacy decided to dedicate his expertise toward corporate, independent and local entertainment clients establish value based production that tell stories and enhance the value of brands—something often overlooked in the industry.

Savic Films brings a perspective from all over the country.  We've got presence in prime areas and have built relationships with studios where select projects, we strategically travel to key locations:
Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, Texas, Miami and many more.


(818) 927-1912

West Coast Office

136 S. Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90004

East Coast Office

744 South Street
Suite #766
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm PST
Friday: 9am - 3pm PST
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

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Corporate Production Pros.

When budgeting for a corporate production, there's no time for "on-the-job" training. We are professionals behind the lens as well as the boardroom. In fact, our President's corporate business background provides for balanced planning and reduction of wasetful resources. 

Full Production from Point "A" To Point Beyond..


Creative Storytelling

Our Team works with you to write your story and plan the process.


The same writing team are part of the overall production to meet goals.

Incredible Film Crew

Heavily trained and experienced team dedicated to capturing it all on film.

Format and Distribution

We render all our productions in a format for distribution needs.


The Value of Experience.

Our crews are assembled with the end product in mind. All of our staff have been professionally trained and currently work in various segments of the film industry.  When it's time to work on your project, rest assured that we come prepared to give our best.

A Great Story Speaks For Itself.

Some Production Samples

Below, you'll find selections of our work in various categories.  We have a full library of stories we've told through filmmaking and creative expression.

Veteran's Event in LA
Educational Production
Entertainment Video
Independent Film
Short Film
Restaurant Promotional

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